The mystery of romance is lost: Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali (Photo: Wikipedia)
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By Arundhuti Banerjee

Panjim– Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali, who was present here at the 10th NFDC Film Bazaar said that due to the extreme use of social media, the mystery of romance is getting lost in the romance of present time.

“The mystery of romance is lost today. People are interacting with each other so much that there is no mystery left. You know, my daughter is growing up and I think she is also missing out the beauty of mystery that we used to have in our time,” said Imtiaz during a session titled ‘To Love or not to Love – Redefining romance on Hindi Celluloid’ conducted by Nasreen Munni Kabir here in Panjim.

Imtiaz Ali (Photo: Wikipedia)
Imtiaz Ali (Photo: Wikipedia)

In fact, according to the filmmaker, social media makes people lonely.

Asked about being called the new trendsetter of romantic films in Hindi cinema, he said, “It was not a conscious decision but I think every filmmaker in their time has done that. We talk about that now.”

Though most of the filmmakers tend to collaborate with various music directors, the “Jab We Met” director said, “I believe that music directors are also filmmakers and when I share the story with a music director, with his music he brings a certain contribution. Therefore, there should be one person who is going to handle this. So far, I have worked with A. R. Rahman and Pritam.”

“When I approach my film to a music director, I go by the story and I think the film decides the kind of music it demands and whom I should go for,” he said.

According to Imtiaz, The 10th edition Film Bazaar, organised by NFDC is playing a very crucial role in the changing language of Indian film industry besides creating platform for new age filmmakers of South Asia.

He said, “I think it is a great idea as a lot of aspiring filmmakers are getting an opportunity to collaborate with various people in the film business. Attending Film Bazaar for the first time, I can see so much talent and fresh ideas.”

“In addition, Film Bazaar will serve the industry by gifting new talents. I think it is a great idea where you can have a bazaar for films.” (IANS)


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