Mohamad Ali-led Carbonite Announces Charitable Fund to Help Close Technology Skills Gap

Mohamad Ali (Photo: Linkedin)
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BOSTON–Carbonite, Inc. announced the creation of the Carbonite Charitable Fund in partnership with The Boston Foundation. The Carbonite Charitable Fund aims to close the technology skills gap in communities in which Carbonite operates globally.

The company will support technology education initiatives that help prepare tomorrow’s workforce with the skills students need to participate in and thrive in the new digital economy. As the Fund develops, Carbonite pledges to finance certain programs that support education and skills training in the technology field.

Mohamad Ali (Photo: Linedin)

“Carbonite depends on a highly-skilled workforce to remain competitive and serve our customers,” said Mohamad Ali, President and CEO of Carbonite. “We’ve experienced firsthand the tech talent gap caused by unequal access to education and we are committed to reversing this trend. We are honored to give back to the communities around the world in which we do business and play our part in creating new opportunities for everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from.”

The Carbonite initiative is a donor advised fund sponsored by The Boston Foundation, which is a 501(c) (3). A committee of Carbonite executives and employees will oversee the fund.

“In 2015, Massachusetts had over 123,000 open tech positions, but not enough potential candidates to fill them,” said Paul Grogan, President and CEO of The Boston Foundation. “It’s clear that education is where efforts should be focused to address the growing skills gap. We’re proud that a local company is giving back to a worthy cause and The Boston Foundation looks forward to working with Carbonite to make a positive impact on our community.”

Carbonite provides data protection solutions for businesses and the IT professionals who serve them.


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