Media Goes Crazy About Massachusetts’s Sonika Vaid’s Potential Win in American Idol

Sonica Vaid (Photo: Michael Becker/Fox)
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WALTHAM, MA–The sayonara season of “American Idol” has only just begun, but American media is going crazy about Massachusetts’s Sonika Vaid.

“The sayonara season of “American Idol” has only just begun, but we may already have a winner,” reported the Boston Globe newspaper. “On Wednesday’s premiere of the 15th and final season of the Fox show, Martha’s Vineyard’s Sonika Vaid impressed the judges. The 20-year-old Vaid, an Indian-American whose parents came to this country as kids, belted out “Look at Me” by “Idol” champ Carrie Underwood.”

Boston Globe quoted Jennifer Lopez saying that she loved the performance and Harry Connick Jr. called Vaid, who auditioned in Denver, the front-runner. “This is one of the only times this particular season that I saw somebody that I actually think will win this thing,” said Connick. “That’s a pure, God-given voice.” “Just so beautiful,” said Keith Urban. “You’re so going to Hollywood.”

Granted, it was just the first episode, but Vaid clearly bears watching, wrote Boston Globe reporter Mark Shanahan.

“You know you’ve done something right when one of the American Idol judges tells you during your audition that they think you could win it all! That’s exactly what happened to singer Sonika Vaid on the American Idol season premiere after she blew the judges away with her sweet, siren voice,” said American Idol Net.

Sonica Vaid (Photo: Michael Becker/Fox)
Sonika Vaid (Photo: Michael Becker/Fox)


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