‘Man Vs Wild’ featuring PM Modi creates history

Narendra Modi
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Mumbai– The special edition of “Man Vs Wild” featuring Prime Minister Modi with survivalist and adventurer, Bear Grylls, created history by garnering highest slot viewership (on active channels) with 3.69 million impressions overtaking GEC leader Star Plus with 3.67 million impressions.

The premiere on Discovery Network (across 12 Discovery channels) also delivered the highest ever slot reach for the infotainment genre with 6.1 million tune-in on Discovery Channel which is 15 times more as compared to the last 4 weeks average of the same slot.

The premiere slot performance grew 50 times giving an unprecedented 93% channel share to Discovery channel amongst the infotainment genre.

Discovery Channel emerged as the third ranked channel with 3.05 million impressions behind Star Plus (3.67 million impressions) and Zee (3.3 million impressions). The show kept the viewers on the hook delivering an impressive average TSV of 29.2 minutes.

The premiere delivered the highest ever sampling in the infotainment genre with 15.6 million tune-ins. The premiere of the show on Aug 12 on Discovery Channel rewrote the rules of the infotainment genre emerging as the highest ever rated show in the history of genre in India garnering 6.9 million impressions.

The cumulative reach for the show across Discovery network, originals and repeat included, and DD National was an imposing 42.7 million. The special edition of “Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls & Prime Minister Modi” is also being showcased on Discovery network of channels across 179 countries.

“The historic edition of ‘Man Vs Wild’ made a larger point about importance of wildlife conservation and sensitised people about environmental change. In that sense, it was much more than a TV show,” said Megha Tata, Managing Director – South Asia, Discovery.

In celebration of the show’s success, Discovery India will make a donation for the cause of tiger conservation in India in alignment with the PM’s message of committing to wildlife conservation.(IANS)


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