Latha Mangipudi Wins Fourth Term for New Hampshire House of Representatives

Latha Mangipudi
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NASHUA, MA– Latha Mangipudi, a Democrat and Indian-American, has won the fourth term in New Hampshire House of Representatives.

“Yes, this is my fourth term. My first term was a special election in 2013 filling a seat in Hillsborough 35 Nashua Ward 8,” Rep. Mangipudi told INDIA New England News. “My reelection this time truly restored my hope in our democracy. My constituents want me to serve Nashua and our granite state.  Thanks to all the voters that came out to vote this mid-term.”

Rep. Mangipudi said that most important take away for her has been the great voter turnout of over 50 percent in mid-term.

She said Ward 8 started with 7,200 registered voters and since New Hampshire has same day registration, there were over 400 new voters registered on Nov 6 and over 250 absentee ballots mailed in just in Ward 8.

“At the end of election day, Ward 8 had 7,600 registered voters, one of the largest Wards in Nashua,” said Rep. Mangipudi. “Nashua being the second largest city in NH and most diverse city, this has the largest Indian-Americans , Latino-Americans and new Americans coming to gate city. This rich diversity makes our community vibrant.”

What are Rep. Mangipudi’s future plans in politics?

“This term I have this opportunity to work together to make Alternative Integrative Medicine initiative in NH a reality by collaborating with AYUSH ministry and NIMHANS India,” said Rep. Mangipudi. “Continuing my work of sister city and welcoming community initiatives of connecting communities and resources.”

She credits her success to her public service and giving back to my community that has been her home for many years.

“I am very honored to be able to be part of this great community here in Nashua and being able to connect with my constituents at personal level. In this day and age when communities are socially isolating yet give you a sense of connectedness via virtual world, I have been able to keep in touch with people by being deeply involved in my community, food brings people to our dinner table often where we have had great invigorating discussions and debates and at the end connecting people and resources has been a great for opportunity for me,” said Rep. Mangipudi.


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