Kumar Sanu: Happy to see Arijit taking Indian music to places

Arijit Singh (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai– Singer Arijit Singh has a strong fan base across the globe, and singer Kumar Sanu says it makes him happy to see the young artiste taking Indian music to all over the world.

Kumar recently paid tribute to Arijit on an episode of “Jammin”, singing the latter’s hit song “Muskurane ki Wajah” from the film “Citylights”.

Touched by the sweet gesture, Arijit shared a glimpse of Sanu crooning the song on Facebook, and thanked him.

“It makes me very happy to see Arijit taking Indian music to all over the world and it’s amazing how he improvises Western music into Indian melodies. I am glad that we have a singer who has contributed so much to music at such a young age. God bless him and may he keeps making us proud,” said Sanu.

“Jammin” brings together Bollywood and digital music stars to create music. (IANS)


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