Kubbra Sait reveals her idea of perfect old age

Kubbra Sait
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– ‘Sacred Games’ actor Kubbra Sait says that in her sixties or seventies, she would like a tiny home with a little garden probably growing cabbages. “Oh yeah, if it faces the beach, then that will be amazing,” quips Kubbra.

The performer, who left behind a successful corporate career for a career in acting, recently featured on the ‘My 3 Secrets To Success’ audio series on Audible Suno.

Answering a question on what her 60s or 70s should look like, she adds:

“So, some clean air to breathe, a book to read and probably my fingers entwined with someone I love. I think that would be an ideal 60s-70s to me. We’re not chasing every day.

“I don’t think I’m chasing today either I’m thinking of the opportunities that come to me at the moment but there isn’t a chase anymore, and I think if you stop chasing things you automatically reach a point of calmness and that’s very different from being numb from the chase,” she told IANSlife.

On the work front, Kubbra shared her excitement about ‘Foundation’ that’s about to release this year.

“It’s I think one sole project that I have put in about a year and a half of mine, and that feels extremely valuable.”

She adds: “I don’t think today your currency is money. Your currency is time. So if I have been able to break out of that mental block and invest time in a project that I believe in, I think it’s going to pay off pretty well and I’m quite excited about it. Apart from that, I’ve got three work projects in process and when they come to realisation, I’ll share them with you. But otherwise I can say that, I’ve got a book coming, I’ve got a show coming out, I’ve been on this Audible podcast.”

Finally, speaking about her Zen mode: “I’m being in a state of solitude in a state of Zen. I am being that person. And it’s just allowing you to recognise the past, the present and the future as it’s going to be. I think it’s very important to be in a state of Zen so that you can allow the future to unfold. It’s exciting. So, what’s keeping me busy, my Zen is keeping me busy.” (IANS)


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