KJo is technologically challenged: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan
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Mumbai– Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has called his friend and filmmaker Karan Johar “technologically challenged” after the latter got slammed by social media users for liking a tweet which trolled the “Zero” actor.

“Karan Johar is technologically challenged but has other good qualities like his taste in clothes,” SRK tweeted on Friday.

Karan reportedly liked an anti-SRK tweet posted by a social media user. The user spoke about “Kesari” and compared Shah Rukh to Akshay Kumar’s stardom and apparently called him a “B grade” actor.

Karan is a co-producer of Akshay Kumar starrer “Kesari”, which released on Thursday.

“Half day collections of ‘Kesari’ on Holi day (which is worse than pre-Diwali day) is greater than ‘Zero’ full festival day collection,” read the tweet.

Karan’s like on the comment did not go well with SRK fans as they started #shameonKaran on Twitter and started questioning his friendship with SRK.

After receiving the backlash, Karan took to Twitter and apologised over the tweet saying there was a technical issue and he will personally never acknowledge such comments.

“Guys I am having a technical problem with my Twitter account! Strange things are going on… From uploading shoe picture and gibberish to liking tweets I haven’t even read and would never even acknowledge,” he wrote.

Hours later, SRK took to Twitter and urged netizens to “make love not war”.

He said: “Just like Life, Twitter doesn’t come with instructions, so mistakes are natural and also he has fat fingers. Go easy all…It’s more fun.” (IANS)


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