Kiku, Sumeet, Hussain, Siddharth Nigam in new music video

Siddharth Nigam (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Actors like Kiku Sharda, Sumeet Raghavan, Hussain, Hiba Nawab, Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur have come together for a music video to celebrate the International Day of Families with their on-screen family members.

The actors have been brought together for the video by Sony SAB channel.

“It feels great to be back again with the channel for this lovely video on International Day of Families as the channel is like a family to me. Any person’s family is very important for them and so is the case for me as well. I am in this position of my career just because of them. While we are talking about families, we cannot forget our extended family that is the viewers. We are what we are because of them,” said Sumeet, who had starred in the show “Badi Door Se Aaye Hai”.

Kiku, who played Gulgule in the show “F.I.R.”, feels the video is an “incredible opportunity” that brings together all the members, old and the current ones. “This is from the family (artistes) to the family, which are the viewers. Even working with the channel for ‘F.I.R’ has always been light and happiness driven, as the entire concept of the show revolved around light-hearted comedy and as artistes, while we worked for long hours, they were certainly fulfilling,” he said.

Talking about his family and their contribution in his journey, Kiku shared: “I am a complete family person and when I decided that I wanted to explore my passion and enter the entertainment world, my family entirely supported me. That has helped me to freely look at my options without any hesitation. The importance of family is immense in my life and even when I have to work for long hours, my wife understands the demanding nature of my work. With the support of my wife and my kids, I keep moving ahead.” (IANS)


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