Kerala dancer’s performance on how to fight Covid-19

Methil Devika (Photo: Facebook)
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Thiruvananthapuram–Popular classical dancer and Mohiniyattam expert Methil Devika has come out with her own innovation through the dance form to fight Covid-19.

Devika, through her own innovation, shows how to wash hands, take precautions by maintaining social distance and also to cover one’s face.

And at the end of her performance she shows how humankind breaks out from the deadly coronavirus.

“We must collectively respond to this and we must be cautious and be compassionate to this,” said Devika, who is the wife of popular Malayalam actor Mukesh, presently a CPI-M legislator.

The dancer has a PhD in Mohiniyattam and lectures at the Kerala alamandalam University, here. (IANS)



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