Kangana is not Sushant’s friend or representative: SSR family’s lawyer

Kangana Ranaut
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New Delhi– Kangana Ranaut has been vocal in highlighting the issue of nepotism in Bollywood from the time Sushant Singh Rajput died. Senior advocate Vikas Singh, who represents the family of the late actor, points out Kangana is not fighting this particular case but is highlighting the general problem in the film industry.

“Kangana is not Sushant’s friend. She is basically highlighting the general discrimination in media,” Singh told IANS.

After the sudden demise of Sushant on June 14, Kangana had put out a video in which she talked about topics like Sushant’s death, ‘movie mafia’ and ‘nepo-kids’ to reopen the nepotism debate.

“The issue that she is raising is correct, but she is not Sushant Singh Rajput’s representative and neither is she carrying on his case. She is bringing out a general problem in the industry. Sushant may also have been a victim (of nepotism), but she is not representating him. Woh Sushant ka nahi kar rahi kuch bhi (she isn’t doing anything for Sushant). She is only doing her own,” said the advocate.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered a CBI probe into Sushant’s death.

Kangana hailed the move saying it was a historic day, because so many controversial deaths have happened in the past but never in the history of India has a closed case been reopened. (IANS)



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