Indo-US trade deal chances get better, Goyal heads to NY

Piyush Goyal
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New Delhi–With Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal heading to New York, possibly to iron out last-minute glitches, if any, in the limited trade agreement, the prospects of announcement of an India-US bilateral deal during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s seven-day US visit seems to have got better.

According to official sources, Goyal’s arrival in the US signifies the government’s resolve to reach a trade deal during Modi’s US stay. Goyal will be joining the Prime Minister in New York.

A trade deal was expected to be announced during the Sunday’s Houston event, attended by Prime Minister Modi, US President Donald Trump and several senior US leaders. Now, it’s likely to be taken up in New York.

The Commerce Minister after co-chairing the seventh meeting of the UAE-India high-level joint task force on investments headed to New York.

He is expected to meet senior US leaders and bureaucrats to iron out any remaining differences to get the final draft ready during the Prime Minister’s four-day US stay.

Earlier, Goyal said the India was in regular dialogue with the US to resolve differences. However, on September 16, he stopped short of revealing whether the two countries have reached a deal.

Hinting that some trade issues may be resolved early, he refrained from divulging details. Goyal also said any trade deal announcement depended on Modi and Trump.

Interestingly, the deal might include re-induction of India into the GSP system and the H1B visa issues. (IANS)


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