Indian music scene is in a messy situation: Amanda Sodhi

Amanda Sodhi (Photo: Twitter)
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New Delhi– Indian-American singer-songwriter Amanda Sodhi says most Bollywood composers sing their own songs so they can do more live shows to earn more money.

“I think the Indian music scene is in a messy situation. Most Bollywood composers now sing their own songs so they can do more live shows to earn more money. Most of them are unhappy with the work they are putting out, yet a huge shift in Bollywood music is yet to happen,” Sodhi told IANS.

“Furthermore, there are very few songs for female singers in Hindi films than ever before. On top of that, even in the indie space, it is the artistes who also have one foot in Bollywood who get more visibility for their independent work.

“For example, Indian Ocean has mentioned that one ‘Black Friday’ boosted their visibility way more than before. Or, one TV show tie up drew Agnee more eyeballs than they were ever receiving before. Hence, my goal is to eventually sing in Hindi films so people also start listening to my indie projects,” she added.

Sodhi has released singles like “I don’t write sad songs anymore”, “Jigsaw puzzle”, “Main khaali”, “Behind my sunglasses” and “Puppet Life”.

What about working with a Bollywood actor on a single?

“I am not sure if Bollywood actors would see any substantial reason to tie up for a non-film song. If an opportunity comes up, though, I would be delighted. It would be nice for the Bollywood-indie music space to merge further,” she added.

The singer has “written lyrics for a song for Sagar Desai for Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming series”.

“I plan to keep releasing new singles each year, without fail — it is a nice way to document my own journey.” (IANS)


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