Indian Consulate General to Host Visa, OCI and Passport Camp on May 18 in Marlborough, MA at Hindu Heritage Day Venue

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MARLBOROUGH, MA—Indian Consulate General will host an Indian visa, OCI and Passport camp on May 18 in Marlborough, MA, at the Hindu Heritage Day venue. Indians can renew their passports and get other consular services. Indian-American can also apply get visa for India and OCI cards.

Date: SATURDAY, May 18th, 2019

Venue: HINDU HERITAGE DAY 2019 Event

Address: 25th Union Street, Marlborough, MA 01752

Camp co-sponsors are: Reflexis Systems, Inc., Jamsan Hotel Management, Rajput Association of North America-Boston and Overseas Friends of BJP-Boston.

In order to use Consular services at this camp please visit, and read through How to Apply for the service you require such as:

  • OCI (“Overseas Citizen of India”) application
  • Renunciation of Indian Citizenship (a prerequisite for Visa or OCI)
  • PIO to OCI conversion
  • Visa for Tourism/Business etc.
  • Indian Passport Renewal.

Click on Get Started, halfway down the page Select the State you live in. It will immediately ask you if you wish to apply through Consular services camp.  Select option Yes.  It will then show the location of the camp. Now, fill-in all the information.

Along the way you will be given three or four numbers.  Note each one of them carefully.  They will be needed to recover your information in case your web connection is disrupted (quite likely). Complete all the way till you reach Appointment and Payment page.  Select the time slot and make payment.  Print the receipt and bring it with you. Bring your printed application, all original documents such as current passport, last Indian passport held, address proof, citizenship certificate etc. and any required copies, passport photos as mentioned in the requirements.

The main advantage of the Camp will be that the Consulate and CKGS personnel will be able to check your application on the spot and you will avoid time consuming and costly process of rejected applications.  You will also avoid the trip to New York that some people make for submitting their application.

Questions about Visa, OCI etc. may also get answered at the Camp.

Other Services at this Camp would be Power of Attorney, Attestation, Life Certificate, etc.

All services at this camp will be provided ONLY to individuals and NOT to any Travel Agents or commercial organizations.

For a local volunteer’s help in completing the application, send an email to with your phone number and the best time to reach you.

For free entry to Hindu Heritage Day event, register at:

The Hindu Heritage Day event will feature cultural program by several artists, various cultural schools, booths, children’s activities and books, information about services offered by local non-profit and for-profit organizations.  Food will be available at nominal cost.



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