Indian American Group Applauds Harris’s Formal Acceptance of VP Nomination

Kamala Harris (Photo: Twitter)
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PHILADELPHIA, PA — IMPACT, an Indian American advocacy organization and PAC, issued the following statement from its Executive Director, Neil Makhija, in response to Senator Kamala Harris’s formal acceptance of the Democratic nomination for Vice President:
“Kamala’s story is the American story. Her acceptance of the Vice Presidential nomination is a quantum leap forward for Indian Americans, showing that we are taking our place in American history books. After four years of incendiary anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from the White House, this milestone is a welcome moment that immigrant communities of all backgrounds can celebrate. Asian Americans are the fastest growing bloc in the country, and Kamala’s candidacy is energizing and mobilizing our communities in a way that will have lasting reverberations for decades to come.”
“IMPACT is poised to harness this growing political momentum by raising up to $10 million to make sure the ideals that Kamala’s candidacy represent – inclusivity, diversity, pluralism – are reflected in candidates we elect up and down the ballot.”


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