India Association of Rhode Island Elects Nikhil Shah President and Santosh Behera as Vice President With Wide Margins

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PROVIDENCE, RI—If recent elections for office bearers in the India Association of Rhode Island is any indication, it seems IARI is becoming a vibrant organization.

In the election held for various positions on Dec. 3, a total of 213 ballots were cast. This compares with a total 129 votes in elections for India Association of Greater Boston positions in October.

Nikhil Shah and Santosh Behera who ran for president and vice president, respectively, received 165 votes. Their opponents Tushar Patel and Raghav Adiga received 46 votes. Two votes were invalid, according to the IARA’s Election Committee.

The new team will serve for 2018-19. Here are the new executive committee members:



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