Imran Khan says Pak had to endure a ‘terrible’ relationship with US

Imran Khan
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New Delhi– Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his country had to endure a “terrible” relationship with the US which turned out to be disastrous for Islamabad.

In an interview with CNN, Khan also called out the US for repeatedly accusing Pakistan of harbouring terrorists, Dawn news reported.

“What are these safe havens? The area of Pakistan along the border of Afghanistan had the heaviest surveillance by the US drones, surely they would have known if there were any safe havens?”

The premier said that Pakistan was unable to take military action against the Afghan Taliban because they were not attacking Pakistan.

“Pakistan had its own internal matters to look at, such as attacks from the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).”

He said that had he been in the government at that time, he would have taken a different course of action.

“I cannot destroy my country to fight someone else’s war,” he said. “My responsibility would have been to the people of my country.”

Khan also said that he did not speak to US President Joe Biden after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

“He did not call as he is a busy man,” the Prime Minister added.

When questioned whether he supports the Taliban’s treatment of women, especially excluding them from sports, Khan said: “I feel very strongly that it is a mistake to think that someone from the outside will give Afghan women their rights (because) Afghan women are strong. Give them time, and they will get their rights.”

With regards to women having the same rights as men in public and private lives, he said: “Women should have the ability in society to fulfil their potential in life (but) you cannot impose women’s rights in Afghanistan from abroad. ” (IANS)


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