How to prepare for triathlons

Gaurav Makkar
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New Delhi– Participating in a triathlon is not easy as it requires you to run long distances while the clock is ticking. An individual preparing for a triathlon needs to assess the skills for three sports activities like running, cycling and swimming.

Gaurav Makkar, IRONMAN triathlon coach and fitness coach Saurabh Aggarwal from Fitso have listed various steps that can be taken:

* Being a part of a triathlon is all about commitment. An individual who has set a goal and is determined, needs to be equally disciplined to get that title. The person has to take care of nutrition, body conditioning, job and family all together.

Gaurav Makkar

* Once you adapt to time management, ensure proper nutrition to sustain for a longer period of time.

Getting the proper diet to convert fat to fuel is extremely important. An endurance sport as such is 80 per cent mental and 20 per cent physical, so don’t forget to train your brain.

Scale your brain functions and run your imagination which will help you become a stronger and better athlete. Also it is imperative to rest as it is equally essential.

* Brick workouts are the key workouts for anyone commencing on such a mission of competing. Most of the athletes are good at swimming, cycling or running separately but doing it together holds the key to excel as a triathlete.

Brick workouts prepare your muscles to realize how it feels to run after bike or bike after a swim and so on.

Also, keep a track of your recovery and never push yourself beyond a limit if you don’t feel like, as injury is the last thing a triathlete would like to face during training.

Cut off the junk miles and make your workouts more effective and valuable.

* Don’t forget to hire a coach as a triathlon is a mix of so many things. Specialising in all these subjects by yourself will take you years. So it’s always advisable to shell out some money to hire a good coach.

You just have to focus on completing the workout and everything else will be taken care of by the coach.

* Find a group of like-minded people. Join a club or academy because it’s always fun and easy to train with buddies and it brings out fascinating results and keeps you boosted always.

Ensure that you learn about efficient transitions and practice them well in your training sessions. Plan your race and travel in advance and choose the right course that is best suitable for your requirements.

If you are not too strong in cycle leg, choose a flat bike course. If you are new swimmer, try to find a calm swim course.


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