Hindu women can’t wear bindi in Pakistan?

Vinay Tendulkar
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Panaji– Christians cannot wear a scapular (a religious object) around their neck and Hindu women cannot wear a bindi on their forehead or flowers in their hair in Pakistan and the Citizenship Amendment Act would allow such religiously persecuted persons from minority communities to become Indian citizens, Rajya Sabha MP and Goa BJP President Vinay Tendulkar said on Friday.

Backing the implementation of the controversial CAA, Tendulkar said that Hindus and Christians living in Pakistan are even allotted colour coded ration cards to distinguish them from Muslims.

“Christians cannot wear a scapular around their neck and Hindu (women) cannot wear a bindi or wear flowers. There are many issues like this. Women of other religions cannot walk the streets alone in Pakistan. Such a dangerous situation exists in Pakistan (for minorities). Similar is the case with Afghanistan,” Tendulkar told reporters here.

“In Pakistan, Hindus and Christians are given red coloured ration cards, while Muslims are given green coloured ration cards,” Tendulkar said, adding that the CAA would empower persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and allow them to avail Indian citizenship.

India is witnessing protests in several parts of the country over the implementation of the CAA, which was passed in Parliament earlier this month, and the possible introduction of National Register of Citizens in all the states, as announced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.



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