Gulzar pens and performs heartfelt poetry for OTT show ‘Aadha Ishq’

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Mumbai–Veteran lyricist-writer-director Gulzar has written heartfelt poetry and has lent his voice to it for the web show ‘Aadha Ishq’.

The show captivated the senior lyricist as he agreed to pen the poetry for it. The poems perfectly encapsulate the soul-stirring anguish and joy of love and heartbreak.

Sharing his experience of writing the poems, Gulzar expressed, “The script of ‘Aadha Ishq’ drew me into its unconventional love story. It’s a one-of-a-kind heartwrenching tale of unrequited love, and it was a joy composing poetry for it. After many discussions with the director Nandita Mehra, we created these poems that capture the essence of romance and heartbreak experienced by these characters.”

‘Aadha Ishq’ follows the explosive turn of events that transpire when a young girl, Rene, falls in love with a charismatic artist, Sahir, who shares a turbulent romantic history with her mother, Roma.

Directed by Nandita Mehra, this romantic drama stars Aamna Sharif, Pratibha Ranta, Gaurav Arora and Kunaal Roy Kapur in lead roles. The show is currently available to stream on Voot Select. (IANS)


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