Give your jewellery collection a makeover

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By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi– From charm bracelets to statement drop earrings, new jewellery trends have begun to emerge, gracing occasions and personifying elegance, with novel themes set to take centre-stage through the course of the year.

Talking about a pop of colour, glamorous hoops and luxe drop trends that are set to make a splash in 2022, Vipin Sharma, Chief Merchandising Officer, BlueStone says, “The time is ripe to explore the latest jewellery trends to be a trendsetter in the world of fine jewellery in your circles”.

Let’s dive deeper into the subject:

A Pop of Colour: Coloured jewellery has been making a big splash this year, and more so with the numerous ways in which coloured gems can be incorporated into a variety of fine jewellery pieces. Jewellery in hues of green and blue have been growing incredibly popular, especially when it comes to delicate rings and exquisite necklaces and dainty pendants. Emerald jewellery in particular has carved out a special space for itself in 2022, with fashion icons utilizing this brilliant green stone to give their outfits a much-needed touch of colour and sparkle.

The Glamorous Hoops: Hoop earrings have been a big trend since 2021 and well-received as they were, there’s no surprise that this trend has poured out into 2022 as well. This year, hoop earrings that are sleeker and more embellished have been making the rounds, especially ones that are coupled with gemstones and pearls. The brilliant thing about hoop earrings is that they can last you years, and will definitely remain in fashion for years to come.

The Luxe Drops: Move over hoops, there’s a new dangly superstar in town- the drop earrings! Whether they are adorned with multiple gemstones, diamonds or pearls, drop earrings are here to rule. Drop earrings are perfect to glam up any outfit combination and can work well to elevate even a simple sweater jeans combo. Whether you prefer a more vintage feel or have a modernized touch, drop earrings are versatile and can fit almost any aesthetic that you can think of.

Glittering Shoulder Dusters: If you are on the lookout for a piece of jewellery that stands out and makes a statement, shoulder dusters are the piece of jewellery that you need. The newest big trend that has been gracing runways across the world, shoulder dusters are ideal for anyone who wants to make their jewellery the focus point of their outfit. Shoulder dusters with gemstones, diamonds or even coloured metals can stand out, look extremely elegant and can truly make heads turn, no matter what kind of style you like.

Bold and Beautiful: While delicate jewellery might be a classic that never goes out of style, 2022 is the year for going big, bold and beautiful. Rings with coloured stones, colourful chunky bangles and statement necklaces are set to take centre stage, especially when paired with outfits that match its overall aesthetic. (IANS)


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