Five things to keep in mind while looking for a pet-friendly accommodation

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New Delh– Leaving your beloved pet behind while you embark on your next adventure can be heartbreaking. However, with an increasing number of travellers looking to bring their furry companions along, as well as an increasing number of accommodations and airlines catering to those with pets, there’s really no reason your furry adventurers can’t join in the fun. shares top tips on what to look for in a pet-friendly stay. With the summer travel season upon us and travel restrictions easing, now is the best time to travel the world with your furry companion by your side! Whether you’re planning a trip with your pets to an unusual beach destination or a chilly hill station, keep the following points in mind.

Select accommodations using smart filters

Technology has compensated for the geographical distance between our homes and a vacation destination, allowing us to conveniently book accommodations through various applications. A pet owner would agree that booking the right lodging before arriving at their destination is critical for a pleasant trip. To make the process even easier, pet owners can use’s ‘pet-friendly’ filter to find pet-friendly accommodations and ensure their pet has a comfortable stay. Travellers should also look for reviews on the website or app to learn about other travellers’ and dog parents’ first-hand experiences at the accommodation. Please read the fine print to confirm the pet fee.

Make sure the staff is known for loving-not just dealing with-pets!

When shortlisting a hotel, make sure to speak with the staff ahead of time to ensure that they are not only comfortable, but also pet-friendly. This will improve your pet’s experience and aid in the management of anxiety caused by the journey. After all, your pet is accustomed to a loving environment, and it is critical to maintain a similar environment. During your stay, instead of dodging disapproving looks as you walk down the corridor, you should be proud of your dog. Assuring the staff’s enthusiasm for pets will help you avoid any unpleasant situations.

Check out the scenery or nearby parks to make sure your precious pup can run and roam

Traveling is a much more intense experience for pets because they are taken out of their natural environment. While making pets completely comfortable with travel is a gradual process, providing your pooch with a setting that makes them the happiest is one of the ways you can get them to associate travel with happiness. And what could be better than having a large open space where your pets can run around freely? Travelers must view images of the accommodations to ensure that there is enough open and scenic space for their four-legged companions to enjoy the destination as much as you do!

See if spa days and grooming services are available for your little love

Grooming and maintaining your pet’s health are top priorities. And travelling with pets entails exploring the destination’s various landscapes, whether they are sandy beaches or muddy trek trails. The need for grooming and cleaning as a result of such experiences for pets ensures that their health is not harmed. Having such spa or grooming services available at an accommodation relieves travellers of the burden of pet care. It also allows you and your pets to be papered during your stay, making for a truly enriching and relaxing experience.

Check for availability of gourmet pet menus

Keep in mind that the food can make or break a trip for both you and your dog. Travellers must ensure that the pet-friendly accommodation has enough and extra food supplies for their pet so that they do not have to carry an extra load of luggage to feed their pet. Many accommodations offer paw-fect gourmet menus to tantalise our children’s taste buds. The delectable menus are also Instagram-worthy, as you can share your experience with other pet parents and inspire them to bring their furry friends on their next trip. Travellers must notify the accommodation of any allergies their pets may have prior to their arrival. (IANS)



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