I am extremely punctual: Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu (Photo: Facebook)
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Noida–She is part of an industry where stars are infamous for latecoming at events, but actress Bipasha Basu says she is an extremely punctual person.

Here to launch a boutique store of watch brand Sieko, Bipasha was welcomed to the venue by loud cheers from the crowd as she walked in looking smart and pretty in pants and a coat.

Bipasha Basu (Photo: Facebook)
Bipasha Basu (Photo: Facebook)

“Time is the biggest luxury. I have been working from the age of 15… I have been working for a long time, so I love a disciplined life and for that, you need a great time piece.

“A time piece which not just keeps you on time, but looks good and stylish as well… Something that just complements you. So, a time piece is definitely important for my life,” Bipasha told IANS.

Asked if she believes in punctuality, a factor which tends to be an issue with most of the celebrities, the “Alone” actress shared: “I am extremely punctual. My team sometimes has to tell me a half an hour late time… I have to wait.

“I never changed. In my second film ‘Raaz’, I used to come half an hour earlier. I used to reach early and sleep in the car outside the studio because they would not even open the gate until then.”

The Seiko boutique will showcase Seiko’s latest collections and international launches along with its prestigious pieces.

“Seiko’s aim in Delhi-NCR region as elsewhere is to allow visitors a unique, exciting and intriguing opportunity to explore the world of Seiko through its history, its craftsmanship and its finest watches,” said Niladri Mazumdar, vice president, Seiko Watch India Pvt Ltd.

The latest Seiko boutique here is a “milestone” for the brand’s goal in the country, said Atsushi Kaneko, president of Seiko Watch India Pvt Ltd.


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