I only expressed my anger against corruption: Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma
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Mumbai– Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma on Saturday clarified that his complaint regarding a bribe demanded by the Mumbai civic body official was out of anger against corruption and his move was not politically motivated.

Kapil said in an official statement: “I have only expressed my concerns. However, it has taken a shape of an unnecessary controversy. My space is on the entertainment platform and not on the news platform.

Kapil Sharma-Facebook“I am not a part of any political organization and nor do I intend to be. I have utmost respect for the honorable Prime Minister and governments, both Union and State, its agencies and Statutory Bodies. I am a law abiding citizen and shall act as legally advised.

“This was my anger against corruption which I expressed on twitter.”

Kapil had earlier this week taken the social media route to complain to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about a case of corruption.

He said he has been paying Rs 15 crore income tax for the last five years and has been asked for a Rs 500,000 as bribe by Mumbai’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for getting his office done up. (IANS)



  1. Kapil, you can not run away by calling names and then start saying that you respect Govt agencies. It is no respect if you say that BMC members have asked you for bribe amount. Unless and until people like you who have access to a bigger platform come out aaginnst the corruption, nothing will get repaired in the country. You must remember that all corrupt forces will pose as is they are ready to act on your complaint, it is expected they will try to file charges against you. If you can get angry, the also have right to get angry because you are destroying their sources of income. FIR GID SAKE JUST DO NOT BACKOUT AT THIS STAGE! SHOW SOME GUTS AND CALL SPADE A SPADE, otherwise they will soon fix you even in briber case because giving bribe is as bad as taking bribe.


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