eternalHealth Hits a Grand Slam, Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Boston Red Sox Through Fenway Sports Group

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BOSTON–eternalHealth, a new Medicare Advantage Health Insurance Company offering products in Suffolk, Middlesex, and Worcester counties in Massachusetts, announced a multi-year partnership with Fenway Sports Group.

The Red Sox partnership is a natural fit considering Boston Red Sox-retired star and new Hall of Famer, David “Big Papi” Ortiz, serves as eternalHealth’s spokesperson and partner. Together, they form a new powerhouse team of All-Stars advocating and supporting seniors’ health and wellness through community initiatives such as the Papi Active Fitness Program and The Big Papi Intentional Walk, both launching this Fall.

Integrated Sports Media served as a consultant in the partnership as eternalHealth’s sports marketing agency.

“The Red Sox and their Foundation’s mission and values align very closely with our values here at eternalHealth,” eternalHealth CEO Pooja Ika said. “As a local Medicare Advantage Health Plan, eternalHealth is really here to learn about and support the needs of the community and our fellow residents, and through this partnership, we believe we can reach a broader audience. This was not only a business decision that made sense, but also one that would add value to the community. We are very grateful to partner with one of the largest sports foundations, to help educate our community and serve as a catalyst for change within the healthcare industry.”

eternalHealth is a women-owned, run, and built Medicare Advantage health plan. Being a local health plan that is based in Massachusetts, eternalHealth aims to act as an advocate for its fellow residents. eternalHealth’s plan offerings provide all the coverage that Medicare beneficiaries would receive through Original Medicare, along with robust prescription drug and supplemental benefit coverage, making eternalHealth your one-stop-shop that helps coordinate your care and benefits.

Like the Red Sox, eternalHealth’s mission is to “break the streak” of navigating through the complex healthcare system, by providing Medicare Beneficiaries with anew affordable and accessible option. Through its technology-driven, cloud-based platform, eternalHealth is looking to substantially reduce its administrative costs across the entire enterprise. The cost savings will allow for more dollars to be allocated towards their members actual medical care, while also passing down savings to their members through robust, yet affordable products. In addition to that, as a result of the cost savings, eternalHealth will be able to invest more dollars into member acquisition, satisfaction, and retention strategies.

eternalHealth understands the importance of having a member-centric platform: alongside friendly and helpful customer service representatives, members also have access to an easy-to-use member portal and app that empowers them to take their care into their own hands. Exemplified by their slogan, “Your Forever Partner in Healthcare”, eternalHealth is looking to establish unique relationships with all their members. The company’s commitment and investment into preventative and chronic care management align with their proactive, and not reactive approach to healthcare. This is supported by members who want to utilize consumer-centric tools to better manage their care and wellness.


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