‘Dubbing has been close to my heart, getting recognition now’

RJ Lucky
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Having witnessed a surge in listenership during the pandemic, popular mimic, voiceover artist and emcee, RJ Lucky says 2020 had been “quite been a roller coaster ride” for him. Digitally, he says he was able to focus and create more dubbing-led content. “Dubbing has always been close to my heart and its great to see that it gets recognition now.”

Apart from the pandemic and social distancing, the pandemic has given me time to think and reflect and work on ‘Lucky’ as a brand, he adds.

RJ Lucky currently hosts an evening show at 104.8 ISHQ FM, a romance-focussed radio station, and tells IANSlife that evening slots are prime time for radio stations. “Our listeners are usually those who are exhausted after a long day at work and are driving back home. They like to listen to something fun, something that’s quirky and works as an instant mood-lifter. My show on ISHQ FM runs high on madness, listener interactivity, banter between the men and women and of course Bollywood characters.”

As part of the ‘Ishq Mein Lucky’, the radio jockey has been interacting with listeners and asking them simple Bollywood questions, which keeps the engagement high on the show. He has also been mimicking popular actors to help promote the show. (IANS)


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