Diljit Dosanjh claps back at those saying he disrespected Indian flag at Coachella

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Mumbai– Popular Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh has given a befitting reply to those who claimed that he disrespected the Tricolour at Coachella. He asked them to stop spreading “fake news”.

A clip featuring Diljit is doing the rounds on social media, where he is seen pointing at a woman waving Tricolour in the crowd and told audience: “Eh mere Punjabi bhain bhraawan layi, mere desh da jhanda laike khadi aa kudi, eh mere desh layi, negativity ton bacho, music saareyan da saanjha (All my Punjabi brothers and sisters, this girl is holding my country’s flag. Stay away from negativity. Music is for everyone).”

However, his comment was cut on social media and instead a hateful message was presented against India and the Indian flag. Now, Diljit has given a befitting reply .


“Mai Kiha Eh Mere Desh Da Jhanda Hai. Eh Mere Desh Lai.. Means MERI Eh Performance Mere desh Lai. Je Punjabi Nhi Aundi Tan Google Kar leya Karo Yaara Kion ke Coachella Ek Big Musical Festival Aa Othey Har desh to log aunde ne.. that’s why Music Sab Da Sanjha Hai. SAHI GAL NU PUTHI KIVE GHUMAUNA KOI TUADEY WARGEYA TON SIKHEY ENU V GOOGLE KAR LEYO.”

“I said that this is my country’s flag, this is for my country. Meaning – this performance is for my country. If you don’t know Punjabi, then Google it. Coachella is a big music festival, which is attended by people from across the world.. that’s why music is for everyone. Someone should learn how to twist a good thing to bad from you… Google this as well.” (IANS)


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