Dia Mirza goes Insta live with celebrities for a cause

Dia Mirza
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Mumbai– Actress-producer Dia Mirza’s digital session, “#DownToEarthWithDee”, will feature celebrity guests who share a common love for nature. The session will be held every Wednesday.

Dia’s first conversation with filmmaker Zoya Akhtar dwelt on a number of things, from their shared love for nature to how they are both dealing with the lockdown.

On choosing Zoya as her first guest on “#DownToEarthWithDee”, Dia said: “Zoya and I have been talking wildlife, conservation, ecological balance, stories and more for years. She is one of the most well-informed, empathetic, passionate, fun, articulate and talented people I know.”

During the chat on Wednesday, Zoya elaborated on how the artistes community is always deeply affected by circumstances and is responsible for sharing observations of life and feelings through all mediums of their expressions. “This lockdown is going to alter the world. We will witness these shared experiences permeate into our narratives,” the filmmaker said.

Dia’s second chat friend was Shreya. “Shreya is an incredible artiste and human being who has brought so much joy to our lives with her amazing voice. She is also someone who has always made time for wildlife and nature,” Dia said.

Shreya shared a few insights into her early days. “Owing to my childhood spent in a little township of Rajasthan, I am very grateful for the peace and minimalism I experienced which made my musical sense better. From the rustling of trees to the sound of the wind, the animals and birds, it is something I definitely miss now that I live in Mumbai.”

Commenting on the current scenario, she added: “With the lockdown, people are realising that nature has always been here and we have just stopped listening and looking.”

Dia has lined up more guests for her Wednesday rendezvous.

She believes the discussions on “#DownToEarthWithDee” will inspire people as they foster a relationship with nature.

“I hope these conversations on ‘#DownToEarthWithDee’ every Wednesday will help all those seeking ways to live in better harmony with nature despite living in cities. I hope they find some magic, inspiration and solutions in our conversations,” Dia said. (IANS)


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