Designer Nitin Kartikeya to showcase creations in London

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LONDON– Designer Nitin Kartikeya will showcase his 2016 collection here on Sunday.

The alumnus of JD Institute of Fashion Technology will present his work at the Este Couture fashion event.

Nitin Kartikeya's creations
Nitin Kartikeya’s creations

The range will have Indian design flair with a contemporary western styling for women.

Kartikeya shared that London is a fabulous market and has a great scope especially for couture with so much diversity and brilliant fashion awareness among people. “We are trying to bridge the gap between Britain and Indian markets by creating a product which is handcrafted in India but has modern appeal and a global outlook,” he added.

JD Institute of Fashion technology is proud of the designer. “Last year, we saw Dhiraj Deka showcasing his collection at London Fashion Week and this year we have Kartikeya. As a fashion institute, we have always believed in imparting quality education to the students,” R.C. Dalal, executive director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, said in a statement.



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