Creating a lyrical relationship between luxury and time

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New Delhi– A five-day virtual film and shopping festival “The Luxe Life 2” decodes the meaning of ‘Luxury with Purpose’ in an intimate and artistic way through a series of short films with a ‘Vision for the Future’. Designer Suhani Parekh speaks to IANSlife about partnering with Tata CLiQ Luxury & The Luxe Life 2 and her journey as a jewellery designer.

How has your journey as a jewellery designer been so far?

Suhani Parekh: I’ve always enjoyed the process of designing and creating. At university, I was trained as a sculptor. After graduating, I continued to make sculptures and began experimenting with silver. I made some pieces that could be worn on the body, eventually decided that this was something I wanted to continue to experiment with and pursued sculptural jewellery design. Eventually, Misho was launched.

I use my creative energies to create wearable sculptures. When I am designing my creations, it often starts with a sculpture, which I then work on to make it wearable, and this is what distinguishes Misho jewellery!

My focus has always been to create statement-making, timeless, and expressive designs. So far, my journey as a jewellery designer has been interesting and extremely fulfilling.

What does the concept of luxury with a purpose mean?

Suhani Parekh: To me, luxury with purpose is about creating an emotional experience, opting for quality or quantity, and creating and choosing pieces with an enduring value.

What prompted you to form a partnership with Tata CLiQ Luxury & The Luxe Life 2?

Suhani Parekh: The definition of luxury is evolving. To me, luxury is time, and as a jewellery designer, I’m always striving to create a lyrical relationship between luxury and time in our designs.

Today, luxury is also about being purposeful, and Tata CLiQ Luxury’s The Luxe Life is an excellent platform that decodes the meaning of luxury with purpose.

The Luxe Life 2 has been an exciting platform for global and Indian creators to share their stories, as well as offer an insight into the diversity of luxury and their visions for the future. The event has not only given consumers an elevated view of bringing purpose into luxury, but also an avenue for them to support it! It is indeed a great initiative, and I am elated to be a part of it.

What is the concept and inspiration behind the film?

Suhani Parekh: The film, made for Tata CLiQ Luxury’s The Luxe Life 2 event, attempted to capture a glimpse of my life and the two cities I call home-London and Mumbai. These are the two cities that truly inspire not just my aesthetic but my approach to design as well. The film begins with a morning in London, followed by an evening in Mumbai, giving the viewers an insight into how the cities influence my creative process.

New movements and trends in the field of jewellery.

Suhani Parekh: There has been a space created for more experiential, maximal and bold styles both in fashion and jewellery. However, at Misho, it’s all about creating timeless pieces that go beyond trends. This has always been our focus and will continue to be going forward. (IANS)


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