Combating Diabetes and Obesity with Diet, Food Choice and Lifestyle Panel at the Health Expo on Sunday

Sangeeta Pradhan
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BURLINGTON, MA—Food and lifestyle are both directly linked to diabetes and obesity. At the Mega Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo 2017 on Sunday at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA, two experts will talk about how to combat diabetes and obesity with diet, food choices and lifestyle changes.

About 36% of all adults over the age of 20 have been declared overweight or obese by the Center for Disease Control, with the prevalence rising as high as 42.1% in women from 40-59 years old. With more than a third of all adults in the United States diagnosed as overweight or obese, it’s not surprising that diet and food choice has become such a diverse topic in health circles.

Type-2 diabetes is also rising, especially in the Indian population. Experts say that with a balanced diet and exercise, diabetes can be controlled.

With that in mind, the 5th Annual Health & Wellness expo has brought certified dietician Sangeeta Pradhan to speak on how you can make better food choices for a healthier body and mind and controlling your diet. Our other expert speaker is Sneh Jaisingh, a certified clinical nutritionist, who will talk about diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes for a healthy living.

Obesity’s causes are both complex and numerous, ranging from genetics to diet and community environment, but the consequences can be deadly. Obesity has been linked to poorer mental health, reduced quality of life and increased chances of heart disease, strokes and even certain types of cancer by the Center for Disease Control.

A healthy diet is often one of the best ways to combat this condition, although it can be difficult to make those sorts of informed decisions in today’s food marketplace. According to a national survey produced by the CDC, 38.5% of all adults surveyed said they eat less than one serving of fruit a day, and 22.4% ate less than one serving of vegetables daily.

The 5th Annual Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo is on March 5th, 2017 from 10: 00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. It free to all attendees but they must pre-register. For more information and to register for FREE, please visit Health Expo website at

The expo is organized by IndUS Business Journal and INDIA New England News and is sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Lahey Health and INE MultiMedia, Inc.


Sangeeta Pradhan

Sangeeta Pradhan, RD, CDE

Sangeeta Pradhan is a registered dietician, diabetes educator, and the Diabetes Coordinator at Charles River Medical Associates, a physician practice group, where she leads a team of Nurse Practitioners.

She is also the President of the Central Mass Dietetic Association. Her mission in life is to translate the complex science of nutrition into easy-to-implement, practical guidelines for the consumer so they are empowered to take charge of their health.

Sneh Jaisingh

Sneh Jaisingh

Jaisingh is a certified clinical Nutritionist. She works for Berkshire Healthcare’s skilled nursing facility in the north-shore area of Massachusetts. Along with that she is also a freelance health and lifestyle coach. She combines the best of nutrition science and holistic nutrition to help people get to the root of their imbalances and find optimum health. Her personal interest being in coaching younger generations helping them make better food choices.

Jaisingh runs a blog on Facebook called ‘NutriAge- Nutrition for all ages’, which is followed by many around the globe. She has been invited by various organizations to present talks on nutrition, both in New England and the Tristate area. She conducts in-person and virtual health workshops which are very popular among the South Asian community.



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