Chef Raji’s exclusive sit-down dinners: a culmination of taste & ambiance

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New Delhi– Imagine if you could have the best of all worlds- custom-made gourmet food, tasteful ambiance, company of your choice, and the comfort of your own private space. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what the new concept of Private Home Dining that Home chefs have to offer. Welcome to Chef Raji’s Home Dining Experience – Beyond Dining, nestled in the upmarket locality of Mumbai is Chef Raji’s Sunnyside Bungalow, where she hosts exclusive sit-down dinners – a culmination of taste, ambiance, and service, which makes it a memorable experience for the guests.

Beyond dining is all about a pre-decided gourmet menu that caters to the palates of the guests, a cosy aura, creatively themed evening decor, hand-picked music, and of course an intimate invite list. All these ingredients come together to create satisfaction that surpasses just gastronomic pleasure. Not anywhere in Mumbai can a private dinner setting get chicer than this. Chef Raji’s beautiful home is a spectacular, two-story Tuscan-influenced villa, with a stone arched entrance with wood frame windows, an open patio with a garden, and mellow Moroccan lights adding to the charm of the evening.

The home dining concept is not just restricted to Chef Raji’s home; it can also be moved to the venue of the guests’ choice. So be it a private party, special brunch, sundowner birthday, or just an intimate gathering, they can curate an event with customised flavours and designs to meet your exclusive taste.

Find out what Chef Raji has to say…

Tell us about your experience working in the food sector.

Raji: For me, the food sector is regular evolution and I thrive on that. My job profile gives me the freedom and exposure to different food sectors and I fully enjoy it. My last 6 years in this industry have been fabulous and have got a wonderful response. Have to build my clientele and that comes overtime without saying.

How would you advise women in 2023 to follow their ambitions freely and without any restrictions?

Raji: I would say just not in 2023 but every day follows your heart. Set your goals with a vision. One can only follow their ambitions if they are open to learning. Find your IKIGAI.

How is Private Home Dining Experience different from eating out? What motivated you to start it?

Raji: When creating a private dining experience I go above and beyond in curation. It gives me a free hand in fusing elegant charm with uniqueness. And the food is tailored to suit client preference. And that changes with every dining experience. It gives an adrenaline rush to create a different story page for every client. And that keeps me motivated. In reality, there is no comparison between eating out and the home dining experience.

How do you like to relax while you’re not cooking?

Raji: Music and fusion of classical dancing, researching new places to visit, and some new food techniques.

Your preferred cuisine, to which you might go without hesitation at any time?

Raji: My personal favourite cuisine is Mom cuisine there is nothing compared to that. And I would always divert towards Varan-Bhat (Dal-Rice) with ghee on top without any doubt (just loved how my mom made it). Too many emotions.

Do you believe that private home dining will continue? Share with us its business-related perks and drawbacks.

Raji: Private Dining is here to stay for a long. The Pandemic has divided the market space into Private Dining and eating out. Private dining comes with all the services Food, Set-up, Bar, and staffing services. Services have evolved. Drawbacks to setting up a private dining setup would be if you are not prepared to take a hit for the first year and that risk is there in any business. Private dining also helps you in the catering section.

What dining trends might we anticipate for 2023?

Raji: We are turning into a health-conscious society and consumers are looking for healthier food options. Also, Regional cuisine and Vegetarian diet trend are going to be on top. Whatever you have planned or what life has planned for you, just believe in yourself!! And say this every day.

I am smart

I am confident

I can do this

I am going to be Successful (IANS)



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