ChatGPT like an ‘alien intelligence’ but lacks human-like reasoning: Rosedale

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San Francisco– American entrepreneur Philip Rosedale who founded technology company Linden Lab (best known as the developer of Second Life), has said that generative artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT is more like an “alien intelligence” that can perform superhuman tasks but lacks human-like reasoning.

Rosedale compared the current state of generative AI to the early days of the internet when there was a lot of excitement, opportunity, and uncertainty about what would happen next, reports ZDNET.

In spite of the amazing potential, he pointed out that current AI models are limited by their ability to read and write to memory at the same time, resulting in “zombie AIs” that can’t listen or reason like humans.

Moreover, he noted that AI’s ability to write software code is “shockingly good,” saving programmers time, the report said.

However, AI is also capable of performing creative tasks such as copywriting, image generation, and providing new insights.

“We finally have enough compute to do something that rivals thinking. And that is turning over many rocks in terms of opportunities,” Rosedale was quoted as saying.

Further, the report stated that despite many advantages, there also exists potential danger.

Generative AI could be used to spread disinformation, aid in hacking, or create ransomware.

Rosedale also expressed concern about AI’s potential to exacerbate wealth inequality, as well as the need to make AI technologies freely available to all, similar to early internet access.

He stressed the need to address inequality and the risks of increasing the divide between the haves and the have-nots, according to the report.

In the future, Rosedale acknowledged that AI developments are unpredictable, but he predicted that the technology would continue to find new patterns and achieve superhuman performance.

“It’s this kind of encyclopedia or super search engine that completes sentences. But it’s not thinking about how to overthrow us,” he said. (IANS)



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