Chand Raat Eid Festival by Noureen Design Set on July 5 in Natick

Noureen Sultana (front). Photo: Rahul Rathi
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NATICK, MA– Chand Raat Eid Festival by Noureen Design is set for July 5th 2016 at Dover Rug & Home in Natick, MA. The event, which was attended by about 1,500 people last year, is free to everyone and open to all communities.

Chand Raat ( Night of the Moon)  is a Hindi,  Urdu word used in India and Pakistan for the eve of the Muslim festival of Eid – ul -Fitr. It is a time of celebration when families and friends gather in an open areas at the end of the last day of Ramadan to spot the New Moon which signals the arrival of the Islamic month of Shawwal. Once the moon is sighted people wishes each other “Eid Mubarak.”

Noureen Sultana (front). Photo: Rahul Rathi
Noureen Sultana (front). Photo: Rahul Rathi

On this day, women and girls decorate their hands with Mehndi (Henna) and people prepares desserts  for the next day of Eid and do the last round of shopping of clothes and jewelry.

Back at home the city streets have a festive look, and brightly decorated Malls and markets remain open late into the night. Chand Raat is celebrated festively and passionately by Muslims and Non-Muslims in South Asia.

“After two successful events in the past, we are organizing our 3rd annual event,” said Sultana. “We request all community members to come with family and friends and celebrate with us.”

Last year, more than 1,500 people attended the event.

“We have New England’s best vendors selling Indian and Pakistani clothes, jewelry, Mehndi, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food,” Sultana said. “Hot Naan and Kebabs and Jelabis are made on the spot. Paan, kids activities and much more are there.”


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