In Chai With Manju Celebrity Series, Kathak Legend Chitresh Das Talks About Being a Bengali, Kathak Yoga and Power of Women

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BOSTON—Pandit Chitresh Das is a master performer and Guru of the classical Kathak dance. Last month he visited Boston to teach intense Kathak workshops to students of the Chhandika Institute of Kathak and also to introduce Kathak to students of all ages at other locations, including the Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington, MA. He sat down for an exclusive interview with Chai with Manju celebrity series.

We spent two days with Pandit Das at various locations and watched him and his students in action. It was fun to do the interview on location in a bustling dance studio with the sounds of ghunghroo in the background and an engaged audience.

Join us as we share Pandit Das’ journey that started in the City of Joy, Kolkata, and eventually led to him to establish and popularize Kathak dance in the United States. He will be 70 years old this November and continues to dance with the energy and agility of a teenager. His exuberance, passion and view of life is inspiring yet colorful as he shares his views about being a Bengail, a Rajasthani and a Californian. He gives some interesting advice to Indian men and also shares his outlook about the power of women.


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