Boston Mayor Walsh Issues Tips in Advance of September 1 Move-In

Heat map of where moving truck permits have been issued
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Boston Mayor Walsh
Boston Mayor Walsh

BOSTON – Wednesday, August 31, 2016 – Mayor Martin J. Walsh today issued a set of tips for new and current residents who are moving in advance of September 1, when 70 percent of leases begin in Boston.

“I am thrilled to welcome new residents and students to the City of Boston, and encourage all residents to take advantage of all that Boston has to offer,” said Mayor Walsh. “From our vibrant culture, to our walkable neighborhoods, there is truly something for everyone here. Thank you for choosing Boston as your new home. We are excited to have you here.”

Mayor Walsh has implemented strategies to make the September 1st moving process a smoother and more efficient experience for residents:

  • Residents are encouraged to use Boston 311, the city’s platform to report non-emergency issues. Through the service, residents can request an inspection of their apartment, report improperly stored trash, etc.
    • Boston 311 can be accessed anywhere within the City limits from both landlines and cellphones. 311 is available through several different platforms, including:
  • Mobile: download the free BOS:311 app on iOS or Android
  • Online:
  • Social media: tweet @BOS311
  • Phone: dial 3-1-1 (For those with VoIP and for calls from outside Boston, callers should dial 617-635-4500.)
  • Neighborhood liaisons from the Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) will be on-site in various neighborhoods to assist residents with questions or concerns;
  • The Department of Public Works is encouraging landlords to help inform residents when and how to place out trash and recycling material. More information on neighborhood-specific information is available on the city’s TrashDay app;
  • The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) will deploy additional housing, building and environmental inspectors to conduct on the spot inspections on September 1.
Heat map of where moving truck permits have been issued
Heat map of where moving truck permits have been issued

In addition to these initiatives, new residents and movers are encouraged to review the following information to prepare for their moving day:


The student move-in process at Boston’s colleges and universities will significantly impact local streets and parking. Due to the high volume of moving trucks and street activity, temporary traffic restrictions will be in place from August 31 – September 5, 2016.

Boston neighborhoods that will be most affected by the student move-in process are Allston/Brighton, Fenway, Mission Hill and Roxbury.

To see the full list of temporary traffic restrictions, please visit here.


During the moving process, residents are required to dispose of trash, in compliance with local laws and ordinances. Residents are strongly encouraged to download the TrashDay App, as the app’s “Recycling and Trash Directory” feature provides information on how to properly and legally dispose of large household items.

Citations for unsanitary and improper disposal of trash will be issued by Code Enforcement for the Boston Public Works Department. If residents would like to report trash, they may do so through the City’s 311 service. Note that improper trash disposal will result in a citation.


On September 1, ISD staff will be stationed at tables at the Hess Gas Station at 100 Brighton Ave. in Brighton and on the City Hall To-Go Truck to assist residents with the following:

Conducting on the spot inspections

ISD will deploy over 60 inspectors and managers throughout neighborhoods heavily populated with students to conduct inspections and check intake for units subject to the Rental Inspection Ordinance.

Tagging Furniture for Harmful Germs and Bedbugs

Discarded furniture and mattresses can host harmful germs and infestations such as bedbugs and cockroaches. Discarded and abandoned furniture will be tagged for later removal by ISD.

If residents do not want their furniture to be taken or tagged, please make sure you or someone you know looks after the furniture until it is moved safely into a vehicle or apartment.


Residents are strongly encouraged to sign up for AlertBoston to receive important notifications, including information on parking bans and emergency updates.


Property owners are encouraged to register their property for inspection with ISD and supply appropriate trash receptacles. The following is a list of the criteria units must meet upon delivery to a new occupant:

  • Clean, sanitary, and safe units;
  • Post Property owner’s contact information;
  • Provide smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.


Posting permit signs

Residents must post signs on the street at least two days before moving. The street space reserved also must be an actual parking spot.

If a car is parked at your reserved spot, call the Boston police at 617-343-4911. Inform them it is not an emergency and provide them with the plate number. If the police can’t reach the car owner, they will arrange for a tow.

For information on how to obtain a permit, please visit the City’s moving page.


The Walsh administration has worked to streamline the process of September 1 move-in by engaging with universities, colleges and landlords to stagger move-in dates.

Residents are encouraged to call the Mayor’s 24-hour 311 hotline for any other questions or problems during their move-in process.

For more information, please visit the City’s moving page online.



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