Book on Dilip Kumar talks of his doomed affair with Kamini Kaushal

Kamini Kaushal and Dilip Kumar
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Mumbai–A new book on the life and times of screen legend Dilip Kumar throws light on the Bollywood Tragedy King’s many romantic sojourns, among them Kamini Kaushal.

According to Trinetra Bajpai and Anshula Bajpai’s book, “Dilip Kumar: Peerless Icon Inspiring Generations” (publisher: Bloomsbury), “the comely Kamini Kaushal”, his heroine in hit films such as “Shaheed”, “Shabnam” and “Nadiya Ke Paar”, was “reportedly Dilip Kumar’s first flame and also his first serious heartbreak”.

Kamini Kaushal

Although Kumar never directly spoke of being in love with Kamini Kaushal, the book cites contemporaries in Bollywood who vouch for the romance. Eminent Kathak exponent Sitara Devi is said to have met the rumoured couple “huddled together” in a Mumbai local first class, according to the book.

Producer-director PN Arora, who directed Kaushal in his superhit film “Pugree”, vouched for the fact that Dilip Kumar frequently visited the actress on the set of the film. Arora also recalled how Kaushal’s “military man brother” arrived at the set and brandished a pistol, “threatening to kill Kamini” is she did not call off her “clandestine romance with Dilip Kumar”. According to the book, Kaushal’s brother also threatened to kill Dilip Kumar.

Around that time, the Urdu novelist Ismat Chugtai had also reportedly warned Dilip Kumar against the futility of the said romance.

In fact, if the book is to be believed, Kaushal’s brother reportedly shot himself, having failed to end the Dilip-Kamini romance. This has been seen as a major reason why the affair ended. (IANS)


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