Azaan Sami Khan was inspired by MJ’s ‘Billie Jean’ for new track ‘Tu’

Azaan Sami Khan
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Mumbai– Adnan Sami’s son, singer Azaan Sami Khan, says he drew inspiration from the Michael Jackson classic “Billie Jean” for his new song “Tu”.

The song is from his album “Main Tera”, and it features Azaan alongside actress Mahira Khan.

“I remember when I used to listen to Billie Jean, it was the global dance track enjoyed by everyone. When I grew a bit older, I actually heard it again with the lyrics, and I realised how painfully sad and solemn the song is. Whenever we do dance tracks for films, they are mostly very upbeat and happy songs, sometimes very frivolous on a certain level with hardly any depth. So, with ‘Tu’, I thought of writing a serious song, with a beat to it,” he says.

Talking about the process behind choosing Mahira, he says that he wanted the song to be a complete “fanboy’s dream”.

“We wanted it to be every fanboy’s dream. So, we thought about who that ultimate woman in the subcontinent is, one who everyone has had crushed on at some point in their lives. And that’s when Mahira ma’am came to mind. She liked the song, and was kind enough to star in it,” he says.

The lyrics and music have been also been done by Azaan, while the music video had been directed by Hassan Dawar. The music producer of the song is Meghdeep Bose. (IANS)


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