As Indian-American Candidates Energize, Ramesh Kapur Talks About Political Fundraisings and Future

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WALTHAM, MA—After marking a significant mark in academics, business, high-tech, franchise, healthcare and hospitality industries in the United States, Indian-Americans have started to take serious interest in the national politics as well.

In an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News, political activist Ramesh Kapur, who has been active in politics from behind the scenes since 1980 in Massachusetts and nationally since 1986, predicts that there could be about 15 Indian-American congressmen in the United States in next 10 years.

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What has caused sudden surge of interest in politics among Indian-Americans? Kapur credits President Obama. To watch the interview, click here or on the picture below.

Kapur is the president of US Indian Security Council Inc. as well as president of Medford, MA-based Medical-Technical Gases, Inc., a processor and manufacturer of industrial, medical and specialty gases and gas mixtures.

Kapur was on the DNC site selection committee in 1992 when New York was chosen as the Democratic convention site that year. He has been active in Massachusetts Democratic politics since 1978. He was Finance Co-Chairman for Michael Dukakis for President (1986-88), DNC Trustee (1988-90), Managing Trustee for DNC/Clinton/Gore (1992-94), DNC Board Vice Chair (1995-96), board member DNC Leadership 2000, Gore/Lieberman (1999-2000). He was in the leadership committee for Vote Now in 1992 and 1996, and has been a consistent top fundraiser since 1986. He was vice-chair for John Kerry for President (2004), trustee DNC/Kerry/Edwards Victory 2004.

Kapur is National Chair of the Indo-American Leadership Council for Democratic National Committee; Member of the Board of Directors, Indian American Council, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (2005-06); National Finance Board member, Democratic National Committee (2006-08).

Ramesh Kapur
Ramesh Kapur

Since 1986, Mr. Kapur has held high finance positions in the elections of Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator John Kerry, Senator Tom Daschle and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Also, since 1986, Mr. Kapur has also been very active in the Indian-American Forum for Political Education. He is also a founding charter member of TIE-Boston and a founding board member and past treasurer of American India Foundation.
Ramesh V. Kapur is the founder and president of the Indian American Security Leadership Council. The Indian American Security Leadership Council is a bipartisan organization to encourage closer ties between and U.S. and India, and to promote the idea that U.S.’s future security would be greatly enhanced by working closely with India.

Kapur’s passion since 1986 is in building US-India relations. He believed in it then and continues to believe in it now. Mr. Kapur has met privately with all of the prime ministers of India since Rajiv Gandhi. Under the Democratic administration, and with years of frank discussions on both sides, US-India relations are the best they have ever been. Kapur was the key person to convince most of the democratic members of the House and Senate to vote for the U.S.-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Promotion Act.


  1. Ramesh has been unsung hero who has been one of the pioneer in stimulating Indian Americans to particiate in plotical processes of this country
    Passionate perseverance and sustained efforts for improving India Us relationship has been his his goal and has happened because of his tireless activism.
    Us india nuclear deal would not have happened if he did not make efforts with his friends even from Republican Party — hats off to him.
    Apart from this he is always there for any nonprofit cause and positive with big smile
    Of course thus would not have happened if his dear one Susan did not support
    susan deserves commendations as well
    Congratulations and wish you the best


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