Arya Dance Academy Performs For First Time At 2017 Spring Wedding Expo on Sunday

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BURLINGTON, MA- Arya Dance Academy is ready to perform at INDIA New England News’s Spring Wedding Expo on Sunday, April 30, at the Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.

Arya Dance Academy will perform for their first time ever at the Spring Wedding expo, and dance for the attendees. The expo, which will be held from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, is free to all attendees.

The children performing will be Siddhart Arora, Abhiram Josyula, Sameera Manjrekar, Kareena Patel, Tanya Gupta, Nidhi Byragoni, Ishaan Saini, Shriya Suri, Roma Byragoni, Sai Arora, Riya Kalra, Aarav Mandadapu, Adesh Sidhu, Swara Sonchhatra, Akul Trikha, Rohan Kolli, and Ritisha Tole.

Arya Dance Academy will perform a 7-minute show to the songs “Mehendi laga ke Rakhna”, “Badri ki Dulhania” and “Iski Uski” and will incorporate scarfs and sticks as part of their performance.

“We are very excited to bring Arya Dance Academy to the Spring Wedding Expo,” said Upendra Mishra, producer of this year’s expo. “We are very excited to see them perform for everyone attending.”

Operating globally, Arya International is a charitable dance and entertainment organization, dedicated to teaching South Asian dance techniques, music, singing, and acting to students of all ages. Our goal is to encourage our current and future generations of South Asians to learn, respect, and admire our rich culture in the performance arts.



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