Armaan Malik warns of fraud Facebook page carrying his name

Armaan Malik (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Singer Armaan Malik took to Twitter to warn his fans against a Facebook page titled “Armaan Malik Live”. Mentioning that it is not managed by him, Armaan requested netizens to report and block the page.

“Please don’t believe anything that the ‘Armaan Malik Live’ page posts about me or on behalf of me on Facebook. It’s NOT ME. I urge my fans to block or report that page and be careful,” tweeted Armaan on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the “Control” singer also interacted with fans on Twitter during the day.

“Armaan it’s very difficult to handle this stress , anxiety and can’t even cry properly! I don’t understand why this always happens with me,” complained a fan.

The singer consoler her with his words: “I was also in the same boat yesterday but don’t worry it’ll all pass. Just distract yourself. Our phones are the biggest problem.”

Another fan expressed: “Armaan right now I m feeling I will not achieve what I want my dreams.”

The singer explained: “I have such days too. But take it one day at a time. Right now we all are in the same boat. There’s no rush to achieve anything.” (IANS)



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