Armaan Malik: Artistes shouldn’t lose their art while looking for numbers

Armaan Malik (Photo: IANS)
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Mumbai– Singer Armaan Malik on Friday took a jibe at the latest trend of numbers playing a crucial role in the present-day music scene. He slammed the idea of number of likes or views on a video deciding whether a song was hit or flop.

Talking about the same, Armaan tweeted in Hindi: “Yeh numbers aur data ke chakkar mein kahin artists apni art na kho dein bas yahi dua karta hoon (I pray that artistes don’t lose their art while chasing numbers and data).”

In a separate tweet, the singer wrote: “Don’t expect to be great if you don’t know how to patiently wait.”

Commenting on his tweet, fans expressed what they felt about the trend.

“People tend to judge artists and their music on the basis of numbers. The system should change,” commented a user.

“Some artists care about numbers more than the amount of people it has reached. I hope this ends asap,” expressed another user.

“True. And you know what we as fans get attracted to art and of course not the numbers,” informed a fan. (IANS)


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