Apply Today for MIT’s Emerging Worlds Team in India June 25 to July 1

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CAMBRIDGE, MA—Massachusetts Institute of Technology is inviting applications for its innovating for billions with the multi-PI MIT initiative.  It will be an intensive week with MIT scientists, corporate leaders and international collaborators, to uncover the next opportunities to improve billions of lives in India from June 25 to July 1.

Here is the information on the application and requirements as posted on MIT Media Lab website:

Photo: MIT Media Lab

“At the MIT Media Lab, our aim is to influence and improve human lives. The proliferation of mobile devices and wide connectivity, as well as the availability and growth of machine learning, crowdsourcing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things offer new possibilities for research and development. In both developed and Emerging Worlds, there is a great opportunity for game-changing innovations that will impact billions.


Apply HERE to innovate at DISQ in Nashik.

Apply HERE to innovate eye health solutions in Hyderabad

Apply HERE to innovate health tech in Mumbai

Seeking A UROP (MIT and Wellesley Undergraduate students only)

Apply HERE if you are an MIT or Wellesley College undergraduate with social science focus interested in a summer UROP


We have built a platform that brings together technical experts, innovators, academic institutions, implementation collaborators and progressive corporate collaborators that will allow us to solve the most pressing challenges within India, and other developing countries. The focus is on finding solutions that help serve the “The Next 5 Billion” citizens by:

  • Identifying community specific challenges that may have solutions that could also be applied to multiple locations.
  • Providing mentoring, training and technical support from corporate collaborators, the MIT Media Lab, and other leading institutions to assist innovators creating novel technical solutions for rapidly emerging and pop-up cities.
  • Pairing innovators with implementation collaborators on the ground to ensure that each solution responds to real needs and enters the market with speed and scale. “


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