Anusha Dandekar: I was always a stage baby

Anusha Dandekar
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New Delhi–┬áModel-actor Anusha Dandekar has been mentoring models at various modelling shows, sharing her expertise in the field.

Anusha was one of the judges at the recent ‘MTV Supermodel of the Year’ Season 2 along with Milind Soman and Malaika Arora.

Anusha is excited about the virtual format of the show that allows women from all walks of life to participate in the show.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Anusha shared what the audience can expect from Season 3. “The one thing that you can really expect is strong, independent, individual thinking women who know no limitations for themselves. That is the beauty of this show. It blew my mind.”

Anusha shared that she was allowed to be independent when she was growing up. “My parents let me be whoever I wanted to be. I was allowed to have wings all my life.”

Talking about her journey, she said, “My journey is mine. I came to my country. But, I was brought up in Australia. I couldn’t speak a word of Hindi, my Marathi was okay. I was finding my own way. I was always strong and independent. I was somebody you couldn’t mess with.”

The actress has been featured in films like ‘Mumbai Matinee’, ‘Delhi Belly’, ‘City of Gold’, and ‘Bhavesh Joshi’, to name a few.

Anusha, 39, shared as a child she was always interested in entertainment. She expressed, “I was very lucky. I was always a stage baby. I didn’t know how to do anything else. In school, I did get out of class many times just because I used to make up stories that I need to go for rehearsals on stage.”

She added, “I was really dramatic at school. My parents let me go for dance lessons, drama, anything that I wanted to do. Maybe the way they were brought up they told us studying is the most important thing.”

“I just couldn’t focus as much I wanted to, as I was really interested in entertainment. By the end, they eventually gave up. Whatever I wanted to do, I never had to argue about it or have a battle. So, it was easy for me to spread my wings.”

The contestants at the ‘MTV Supermodel of The Year’ Season 2 inspire Anusha in many ways. “I am so in awe of all of them, from where they come and from what they do, giving themselves no limitations no matter what would be their circumstances to become a supermodel. I had tears and goosebumps, I had all the emotions this year.”

Talking about the concept of beauty, she said, “Beauty has no limits when you know your job, you know your skill, and you what you are doing. The shortest model can look the tallest because they are good at their job. That’s the beauty of a supermodel. We are looking for a skill set, technique, and all those things more than the cookie-cutter way of what people think supermodels are.” (IANS)


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