Ananya Panday encourages youth to manage their Instagram experience better

Ananya Panday
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New Delhi– Instagram collaborates with Bollywood youth icon Ananya Panday to launch the ‘You Decide’ campaign, which encourages people to use the safety tools available to them and have more control over their experience on the platform.

Young people in India use Instagram to express themselves and share their lives and pursuits, which are frequently works in progress. To facilitate this, the platform provides a wide range of safety tools and resources for users to use. Some of these features are new, such as Take a Break, Limits, and Hidden Words, while others, such as Restrict, Two factor authentication, and Block, have been around for a while. Instagram has partnered with actor Ananya Panday, whose own community @SoPositivedsr works to raise awareness about how social media can be used for good, to raise awareness for them. This collaboration will be part of her ongoing efforts to assist young people in having a positive online experience.

Actor Ananya Panday, said, “As a young person, I understand the need of constantly wanting to share more about oneself, keeping up with trending moments and emerging culture, and hence being on Instagram. But that needs to be balanced with the need to be safe online. That’s essentially the balance that I’ve previously articulated as my digital social responsibility, and taking it forward, I’m happy to be associated with Instagram’s ‘You Decide’, so we can together, help make a difference in more people’s lives.”

The campaign kicks off with a Live Room discussion hosted by @under25official between Ananya Panday, Sushant Divgikar, and Natasha Jog from Instagram. The participants will share Instagram creatives created by Supari Productions that highlight the safety features. This will be followed by a one-month campaign in which communities will inform and engage their youth audiences via posts, stories, reels, and community activations. Follow #OnIGYouDecide on Instagram for the most recent campaign updates. (IANS)



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