American-Bangladeshi rapper considers Rahman ‘the Quincy Jones of India’

Anik Khan (Photo: Twitter)
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Pune– Dhaka-born and New York-based rapper Anik Khan says A.R. Rahman has been one of his biggest influences and considers the Indian singer-composer the “Quincy Jones of India”.

Earlier this month, composer and record producer Quincy Jones won his 28th Grammy Award, making him the living artiste with the most trophies in Grammy history. Soon after his win, Rahman posted on Instagram: “Mr Quincy Jones wins his 28th Grammy on his 86th year. Music keeps us going forever I guess.”

Many, including Rahman, look up to Quincy Jones. But for Anik, the Indian maestro is no less.

Anik’s song “Cleopatra”, which he performed at Vh1 Supersonic 2019 here last weekend, opens with a sample of Rahman’s “Jiya jale” from the Bollywood film “Dil Se..”.

Asked about it, Anik told IANS here: “He (Rahman) is one of my biggest influences. I consider A.R. Rahman the Quincy Jones of India.

“He is young and has been able to push boundaries and do amazing things. I have always been a fan of his music and that’s just one of the songs that I love.”

He had unveiled “Cleopatra” a few years ago. Any feedback from the Grammy winner?

“I know that he (Rahman) has heard it. I know that because I have friends who are very close to him,” said Anik, known for his critically acclaimed 2017 EP “Kites”.

Anik often uses his music to spit fire at outdated immigrant stereotypes, albeit with a pinch of humour and irony.

One of the reasons why he wanted to be in the music field, was to “provide a face and voice for people that may not have it”.

“I care about identity, language and perseverance so, that naturally comes out in my music,” he said

The “Big Fax” hitmaker is currently working on a new project.

“I will work on it till I get it right. It will be definitely out this year,” he said.

“It will be about my life, things that I go through. I think I have established the brown identity, the immigrant identity… this project is more personal… about my likes and dislikes,” he shared. (IANS)



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