Agape to Host Annual Benefit Gala for Children Orphaned by AIDS in India

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NEWTON, MA–Agape, a Hyderabad-based organization that takes in orphans with AIDS and orphaned by AIDs, is hosting its 13th annual gala to benefit the non-profit organization.

The event will be held on Oct. 15 at Newton Marriott Hotel in Newton, MA. Agape was founded by Lynne Voggu, a Needham, MA-resident.

agape“We Indians and our children are the truly lucky ones, having found a secure life over here. Let’s not forget these kids who have been abandoned by all. Let’s share our love with them – let’s support the work that Lynne is doing,” Agape said in a statement.

Organizers of the gala say that when one parent gets AIDS and dies it is usually only a matter of time before the other parent too dies and the child is left homeless.

“Relatives do not want to take the child in because of misguided fears of contagion and high medical costs. Orphanages too ignore these children as they do not want to deal with the same problems. The children are left homeless and very often die,” the statement said.

Agape founder Voggu, on a visit to India, saw this problem and over a decade ago started with one room and six kids she found on the streets. She now runs a home for about 250 children where they are given food and shelter, treatment and an education. Critically, they are given love and hope for the future.

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