Aesthetic couches and vintage decor ideas

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New Delhi– Every living room’s focal piece is the couch, and the couch’s style determines the theme of the space. To match the couch style, however, choosing the appropriate home decor collection becomes crucial. Millennials are currently favouring minimalist, aesthetically modern, and contemporary products. The days of having only brown and grey couches are long gone. Most people today prefer to use aesthetic decor items to add a pop of colour, energy, and originality to their living area.

So, here are a few ideas shared by Vansikha Nahata, CEO, The June Shop & Mathew Joseph, CEO & Co-founder, Sleepyhead to help you in creating the living room of your dreams by selecting the ideal couch and matching decor:

Mid-Century Style

If you want a mid-century modern look, the sofa should be in a nice colour such as royal blue, ash grey, or ivory white. To create such a modern aesthetic, accessorize the couch with striped, geometric, or abstract design cushion covers and add a fur rug below the sofa or couch. Place some old vases on the side table for a vintage aesthetic, or you may use Nordic or modern vase reed diffusers to liven up the room.


If your taste is conventional, go for a couch with a simple pattern. Hang a wooden decoration, piece of wall art, planter, or ornament to add some flair. To get the appropriate classic yet minimalist aesthetic, use a handcrafted cushion or a pillow cover with an indigo print.

Bring In Outdoor Vintage Patterns Inside

Bringing in outdoor vintage patterns inside is a great way to add some colour and pattern to your home. These designs may be used as decoration on carpets, cushions, and other home decor items. Vintage throws are also perfect for adding a pop of colour to your living room. So, why not explore the trending antique Greek floors for your living space and get a rustic couch that compliments the floor? It is recommended to select a pillow cover that is creative or abstract, macrame rugs, Moroccan plates on the wall behind the sofa, or elegant plants to complete the look and recreate the atmosphere of the streets of Greece in your house.

Classy Vintage Look With Minimalism

This style is elegant, retro, and understated. It combines all three, but it also has a hint of richness and elegance. A vintage accent sofa may be one of your selections if you have a minimalist style. Place imitation fur rugs beneath the sofa, a vintage wall clock, and a fur stool next to the couch to finish the effect. A vegan leather stand can also be put on the side table. You’ll undoubtedly get the minimalist vintage style you’re going for.

Velvety Affair with Classy Look

All things vintage sounds elegant. One such royal element is that velvet sofa being placed in your cozy living area. Complimented with a classy vase, a vintage photo frame on the side table, a stylish stool in front of the couch, and a classy rug on the floor. It’s a complete velvety affair, isn’t it? To enhance, you can also put a throw on the sofa and hang wall art to add to the classy look.

Sleepyhead’s Bae and many other couch options are made with the new age, minimalist, modern design in mind, and The June Shop’s aesthetic range of home decor, including vintage wall clock and other decor items, will cater to your needs of aesthetic couches and vintage decor. Choosing the right couch and pairing it with perfect decor makes a significant difference in the design and aesthetics of a living room. (IANS)


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