Aditya Narayan postpones music video shoot with girlfriend due to Covid

Aditya Narayan (Photo: Tribune India)
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Mumbai– Singer Aditya Narayan has released his new single, Kyun. However, he could not release the music video of the song, because his plan to shoot for the video with his girlfriend had to be put off due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

” ‘Kyun is essentially a song about one-sided love and we wanted to shoot a lovely music video, but the pandemic happened, and I didn’t want to put anybody in trouble. In fact it was the first time that my girlfriend and I were going to shoot a music video together, but we couldn’t,” said Aditya.

“So for the safety of my loved ones and the crew, we decided to postpone it. We will be shooting the music video once things get better, but for now we decided to put something out. So, we came up with a very interesting animated lyrical video where we essentially animated ourselves,” he added.

“Kyun” was released on his birthday, August 6. The song is composed by Akash Sawant and written by Tushar Kamat.

“I worked with an individual called Flock of Crows from Ireland, who has done the lyrical video, and we thought that my birthday would be a good time to treat my fans with a new track and an interesting lyrical video,” said Aditya. (IANS)



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