A new line of cannabis infused ice cream launched in Framingham

Jim Belushi, left, and Dan Aykroyd, right, with the product packaging below.
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FRAMINGHAM, MA – Plant Jam, a Framingham-based cannabis edibles manufacturer founded by international chef David Yusefzadeh, is partnering with Belushi’s Farm to produce a ‘Blues Brothers’ themed line of cannabis infused ice cream.

Belushi’s Farm is owned by performer Jim Belushi, who can be seen on the series GROWING BELUSHI documenting his life as a legal cannabis farmer. Season 2, which features the new ice cream collaboration, premieres early next year on the Discovery Channel and will be streaming on discovery+.

“I’ve met many cannabis chefs, but David’s approach is the truest because he uses the full plant and farm to table ingredients,” Belushi said. “I get a chill when I eat it. And then, I become chill. It’s on the same mission as the farm — boutique farm to table, organic, special.”

The initial roll out will feature two flavors: Orange Whip and Java Chip. Orange Whip is an homage to a drink made famous by John Candy in The Blues Brothers, the iconic 1980 movie starring John Belushi, Jim’s late brother, and Dan Aykroyd, plus several music industry legends.

“Jim is a leading entrepreneur in the multistate cannabis market and it’s a great opportunity for us to work with him and his team on this new line of products. Our goal from the beginning has been to offer great tasting infused edibles to consumers. This collaboration is perfectly in line with that goal,” Yusefzadeh said.

Orange Whip features a classic creamsicle flavor and is made with fresh squeezed oranges, zest, and Tanzanian vanilla beans. Java Chip features rich coffee flavors and house-made chocolate chips. The products shipped this week and can be found in cannabis retail shops throughout Massachusetts.



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